The name the audio analystŠ first appeared in 1988 as the title of a small, high-end audio publication that I founded that same year. Through the years, I have maintained and used the name on many of my writings for Positive Feedback, starting in 1996. That title was also chosen as the focus for some of my columns at SoundStage! during my three and a half year stint as a Senior Contributor there. Starting in 1997, as well as writing reviews, I wrote a wildly successful and highly read monthly commentary there, a column that was called Synergizing. That space dealt with D.I.Y. projects, tweaks, or any other minutiae or concepts that I found to be deserving of discussion or examination, and that column found quite a following.

On October 1, 2000, I joined the mast-head at The Stereo Times, then was made the Executive Editor there  July 26, 2001.  However, I found it necessary to resign that position March 5, 2003 over nonpayment for my work. To this day publisher Clement Perry still owes me money.

On June 17th, 2003, Jim Merod (BluePort Jazz), Michael Silver, and I launched On Sound and Music, an internet journal of Pro and High-End Audio, Music and other things that Matter.  Along with the traditional equipment coverage, we wanted to also cover music in depth; from the live event through the methods and techniques used to record it to the final recording you play back on your system. On August 8, 2004, just 13 months after our inception, I chose to resign. 

Something that might be seen as almost inevitable when there are multiple chefs preparing just one dish, there were some differences of opinion that could not be completely resolved, at least to my satisfaction. I am unquestionably difficult about some things. For my failings, I accept full responsibility. Put bluntly, it was no longer fun. I want to thank all my industry friends, colleagues and those manufacturers who supported and promoted our work. Without them, none of our efforts would have been remotely possible. It was time to move on...

So in mid August 2004, thanks to David Robinson of the aforementioned Positive Feedback and and Dave Clark of audioMUSINGS, who had recently joined staffs and causes to create Positive Feedback Online, my work moved to a new, or more aptly, returned to an old, home. PFO graciously allowed me to continue my amblings and rantings amid the cyber-pages of that burgeoning and unique journal. As I mentioned above, I first joined the staff of the paper iteration of Positive Feedback in 1996, and this turn of events was nothing if not a warm homecoming. On January 25, 2005, after conversations at the PFO Staff Party held Saturday, January 8th during CES in Las Vegas, I was promoted to Senior Editor.

For nearly a decade, Steven Rochlin and I had toyed with the idea of my writing for his wonderful On-Line webzine, Enjoy the After further conversations at the 2014 AXPONA, which Steve was covering with his new Enjoy the productions, we agreed to give it a go, and my first article was published there on July 14, 2014.

Around the same time that work published at Enjoy the, mid July 2014, I had sent off copy of my review of The Absolute Sound's Illustrated History of High-End Audio,Volume One: Loudspeakers for PFO Issue 74 to The Absolute Sound's Editor-In-Chief, Robert Harley, for fact checking. In that series of communications I made it known to him that it had long been my hope to write for The Absolute Sound. Apparently this suggestion didn't strike him as totally insane, and after half an hour on the phone on July 15th, 2014 discussing the merit of the idea, he agreed to give it a try. The result is that I am now a Senior Writer for the The Absolute Sound, some 41 years after I bought my first copy of the magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2, in the summer of 1973! My first article, the induction of Henry Kloss into the TAS High-End Audio Hall of Fame, appeared in issue 248, December 2014.

As a sad irony, I'm not sure I will ever get over the fact that the digital edition of that very issue (248, December 2014) containing my first published article in The Abso!ute Sound, dropped on the evening of November 4th, 2014...the very day that we lost the founder of TAS, and arguably, the man responsible for the current state of high-performance audio journalism, Harry "hp" Pearson... RIP, my friend.

I hope you enjoy my site. Please let me know if you find something particularly interesting, helpful, or of merit.

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